Monday, 30 April 2007

Emasculinization and Feminization

Emasculinization. It isn't a real word, but Emasculinization and Feminization is still a great read for aspiring sissies. The blog document's a sissy named Jaunie's full feminization training and it covers all aspects of becoming the perfect sissy. Jaunie writes about her experiences of dressing in public, posts feminization fantasies, discusses sissy fashion and style (particularly changes made to her own body such as leg waxing) and expounds general thoughts on sissies and sissification. The Mistress who is leading this feminization is mentioned sparingly but comes to the fore particularly when Jaunie is considering such issues as cuckolding and the usefulness of sissies in satisfying their mistresses new man.

Although not frequently updated (posts number in the one or two a month region), Jaunie's posts are always interesting enough to warrant keeping an eye on her blog and it's good to see a journal of this nature still alive after nearly two years (unlike so many other similar blogs that begin so promisingly and are abandoned). Jaunie illustrates many posts with relevant photographs, none of which are explicit.

Some of Jaunie's notable posts include:
The role and worth of a cuckolded sissy.
A sissy shopping experience.
Feminization fiction.
Having one's eyebrows feminized.

In all, Emasculinization and Feminization covers a wide range of topics and that certainly maintains it's interest factor. The blog is well written, with a light, charming tone and it is a shame that it's author doesn't post more frequently, the only downside that I can see. This in mind, Emasculinization and Feminization receives a rating of YYYY out of 5 and a warm recommendation.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

slave2indrahnee - a slave in training

slave2indrahnee keeps a regularly updated (often daily) blog on Livejournal. It documents the life of an unnamed full time slave who is dominated by his Goddess (indrahnee's blog on LJ). The slave is kept in chastity, is humiliated, forcably feminized, cuckolded, and regularly chastised by his Goddess.

Both blogs contain many nsfw photos.

It's a fascinating, well written and often entertaining read (presumably especially entertaining for anyone who enjoys seeing a man humiliated in this manner) and it is a very interesting insight into those who live this lifestyle full time.

Some interesting posts:
Enforced chastity
Forcibly feminized as a maid
Forced to wear diapers

Although an excellent blog, slave2indrahnee doesn't feature a huge amount of forced feminization (although note the recent picture of the slave in pretty pink panties). As a result I will only be giving it YYY (out of 5) for Sissy Blogs purposes, although, as I said, it is an excellently written blog (the slave is a credit to his Goddess!).

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Mission statement - sissy searching

If you've ever tried searching for blogs about, by or for sissies, you'll know it can be hard to find ones that are still regularly updated. So, I'll be posting up links to interesting, updated blogs that I find as and when I find them to try and create some kind of centralised resource.

Themes covered will include: forced feminization, sissification, sissies, cuckolds, chastity.

Feel free to comment me with a link to your blog and I'll check it out and review it.